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[+] "i have found this new partnership with sam and we've been playing together now for a year. it's been great. it's given me a new lease on my career". lisa raymond [2006].

[+] "as far as respect and whatnot, i'm not one to really blow my own horn anyway. i'm fine kind of a little under the radar, going about my business". lisa raymond [2001].

[+] "that's something i need to work on in my singles, as well. i tend to kind of let some negativity, some negative things come into play, into my mind. let's just say it's a good thing there's not a microphone on me when i'm out there". lisa raymond [2001].

[+] "my top priority is my singles, second is doubles". lisa raymond [2001].

[+] "i like playing doubles not only because it helps my singles game, there is no doubt that doubles helps your returns, helps your volleys, but i have a great time and my doubles partner right now is my best friend. so that is a blessing for me and mixed has always just an added bonus, especially if you could do well. it is a lot less pressure. it is a lot more relaxed and it is a lot of fun". lisa raymond [1996].

random quotes

[+] "when she asked me to play i was very excited, it was hard to break with bryanne, but i always wanted to play with lisa. she's one of the best doubles players ever. it was hard when we started because i thought she would carry me! as time went on i realized i'd have to keep up." samantha stosur [wta player]

[+] "she's a great doubles player, she serves smart" maria sharapova [wta player]

[+] “she mixes it up so well. you have to be at your best every time to make your passing shots because she comes in so much,” said kim clijsters “she’s got the best volleys out there.” kim clijsters [wta player]

[+] "i sat down with my lunch tray early yesterday afternoon at a table with indian doubles star mahesh bhupathi, wta luminary lisa raymond, and mike and bob bryan and their coach, phil farmer. i had two small plates of food - one with a sorta salmon salad that i concocted, and the other a nice fruit bowl. mike and bob immediately, as is their custom, started picking at my fruit bowl. geez. then lisa started in. yeah. the whole thing was gone in about two minutes. these tour players are rough and they are always ravenous." wayne bryan [usta coach & bryan bros' father]

[+] when asked about her upcoming match against lisa in the tokyo 2003 sf: "yes, i'm really excited for her, she's had a great great week and has beaten two really good players now in a row. it's really great for her, she's a really great player. yeah, i mean she is my best friend on the tour and we've played a number of times in our career so fortunately we are used to it. we played a few weeks ago in sydney. it's always hard to play with your friend, but she is great, i mean, we leave everything on the court". lindsay davenport [wta player].

[+] "we [mike/lisa] have every shot. we can do basically anything. i mean, i know that she [lisa] definitely can. she has the lob, the dipper, she goes up the line on the guy really well. she comes up and sticks her volley better than anyone I've seen". mike bryan [atp player].

[+] "i'm on the lisa raymond gravy train," he said. "i've got the best partner in the game. in the locker room they were telling me if we don't win, it's my fault. she's definitely the best volleyer in the women's game." on winning 2003 rg mike bryan [atp player].

[+] when asked who she thought has the best volley in women's tennis: "probably i would still have to go with lisa raymond, with hingis a very close second. i think she's got a great volley. she doesn't use it enough". martina navratilova [wta legend].

[+] when asked if she had any complains about the draw she jokingly answered: "no, i've played lisa raymond five out of seven of the last tournaments, possibly play her again. that's my one complaint, i'm sick of seeing her". lindsay davenport [wta player].

[+] when asked who she considers her friends on the tour: "chanda [rubin] and i really get along well. alexandra and i, alexandra stevenson, we're really good friends. and kim, she's a very nice girl. we always talk. there's a lot of players - lisa raymond, rennae stubbs. we definitely get along". serena williams [wta player].

[+] "i also have a great time at the open because i run into lots of players who i saw when they played as juniors. one day, i ran into lisa raymond's parents -- that's right, the no. 1 doubles player in the world. i remember her from the junior circuit and as a member of the florida gators, when she won the national championship. i teased her mom and dad, saying her bank account keeps getting bigger and bigger. they said that she spends it as quickly as she gets it". dick vitale [].

[+] when asked about his favorite athletes to watch: "muhammad ali. i knew him. joe montana. bill russell. bob cousy. sam jones. tom heinsohn. sugar ray robinson. rod laver. billie jean king. ken rosewall. john mcenroe. martina navratilova. rosie casals. pete sampras. michael chang. lisa raymond." bud collins [tennis writer].

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... lisa raymond has played doubles with 27 different partners in her career and only has a losing record with three of them: monica seles (0-1), erika delone (1-2) and mary pierce (2-3).

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