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new on the website

[+] january 2013: happy 2013. my god, eleven years online and counting! think we used to be young when this thing started ;)

[+] august 2012: so lisa went and won an olympic medal! came full circle, guys. this site started because i felt so strongly about lisa's right to play in sydney and how rad she was in her dealings with usta back then. so let's all do a little happy dance!

[+] january 2012: happy 2012 everyone. ten years online and still going strong! that is longer than most tennis players have careers ;)

[+] september 2011: much to celebrate: our 9th anniversary online and also, lisa's us open title! here's to many happy returns!

[+] january 2011: happy 2011 everyone... come july, we turn 9 years old. getting old & running out of (server) space, we've grown so big over the years. new year, new partner for lisa. julia goerges from germany, let's hope she's as good as she is tall!

[+] september 2010: web 2.0, here we are! joined twitter. took 8 years to get people involved in the newsgroup. can only imagine how long till we get followers on twitter!

[+] june 2010: some of the galleries were down. they should be back up now. had to change the permissions. here's to a strong grass season!

[+] january 2010: happy 2010 everyone. seems like lisa and stubbs have come full circle. let's hope for a good 2010. come july, we turn 8 years old. happy b'day to us.

[+] october 2009: some good news to report: lisa wins her first title of the year!

[+] june 2009: tough year so far, with several losses in finals and injuries. let's hope for a good end of the year!

[+] february 2009: and back again. here we go for yet another (hopefully sucessful) season! this year, come july, we turn 7 years old

[+] february 2008: finally some updates. not much action up until now, hopefully a lot more to come in the next few months!

[+] march 2007: th-th-th-that's all, folks! in her 29th of march installment lisa said that she will no longer be playing singles.

[+] january 2007: happy 2007 everyone... come july, we will have been online for five years.. not bad, huh?! not a good australian open, with lisa missing out on the singles...

[+] may 2006: been having some downtime because of some server issues... hopefully it's now fixed and the whole website is back up. if something doesn't work feel free to give me a shout about it.

[+] january 2006: happy new year everyone. here's to a great 2006!

[+] september 2005: finally something to celebrate. us open 2005 dubs championship goes to lisa + stosur.

[+] april 2004: still looking for space, anyone with some free space to share feel free to contact us: e-mail

[+] december 2003: some fed cup news. happy 2004 everyone

[+] october 2003: new olympic section: athens 2004

[+] august 2003: us open hardcourts - news & pics - having trouble with space on the server, anyone with some free space to share feel free to contact us: e-mail

[+] july 2003: fed cup action... fingers crossed for the olympics

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did you know...
... lisa had the dubious honour of winning the wooden spoon award of Roland Garros 2001. The wooden spoon award goes to the player at the end of the tournament's longest losing chain.

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