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lisa raymond
the undisputed n.1 doubles player in the world at the time.

billie jean king
the evil she-dragon. when it comes to billie jean king a distinction has to be made between the tennis player (a formidable woman who made more for the tour than any other before or since), and the person who is fed cup captain of the usa team. as such she is an awful horrible woman. worse than that, she does not know it. she probably thinks of herself as an honorable woman. well, billie, to be a woman of principle, the first thing you have to learn is that there can be no exceptions. you should have stood up for lisa.

the usta
the united states tennis association. as an entity they represent the lack of values and the blindness to fairness. they were perfectly happy not to send lisa raymond to the olympics.

venus williams
one of the instigators. willing to blackmail billie and the usta. sydney was very far away for her if her little sister was not chosen for the team.

serena williams
the one that took lisa's place. apparently her very religious/spiritual upbringing did not include how to step down when she was being given something that should had never been hers.

the arbitrator: richard jeydel
the person who was appointed to bring justice. only he wasn't fair enough.

the accomplices
all of those in the tour or in the usta who had a chance to stand up for lisa and preferred not to say anything. all those who turned their backs and covered their ears.

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